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Immediate solutions to keep the United Kingdom free :

  • Prevent the implementation of the "Great Reset."

  • Abolish the Bank of England and eradicate fractional-reserve central banking.

  • Create a new constitution guaranteeing the freedom of the individual from all threats of the State.

  • Decentralise taxation and move to localisation of taxation policy.

  • Decentralise political power, moving towards localised political accountability.

  • Remove UK membership of Internationalist Institutions such as the EU, UN, WHO and separate from the IMF and World Bank.

  •  Audit and expose the intelligence agencies and introduce complete transparency of their finances, their projects and conspiracies against the British people.

  • Remove the House of Lords, Royal Family and civil service.

  • Remove the Government from education and introduce a market based/ voucher system.

  • Allow an opt-out choice for the NHS and encourage a new (non-monopolised) healthcare system to be developed.

  • Implement political term times for politicians. Career politicians must end.

  • Reintroduce the right to self-defence for the individual. 

  • Ban all state bailouts and promote free markets.

  • Promote free speech, end censorship and cancel culture within society and online. 

  • Separate Government and politics from science and healthcare.

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