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5G - why?

Uh oh! 5G! It's going to kill us all.

I jest. How silly has 5G become? You have fanatics on one side who instantly claim it as the end of humanity, and the other (more ignorant side in my opinion) who just because believe people questioning 5G are 'conspiracy theorists' automatically claim it is perfectly safe without knowing anything about it, let alone having read some actual research papers on the subject. The manipulation of 5G into 'conspiracy theory' is hilarious and yet, unsuprising.

However, the hilariousness aside, this is why 5G is seemingly so important.

The main reason for the 5G roll out is to implement the digital currency, surveillance system (for our safety of course) as well as the promise of better performance for remote working (how coincidental.)

For more information, I urge you to read: Covid-19: The Great Reset

(By Klaus Schwab - Chairman of the WEF.)

On the surface, these developments look convenient and non-threatening. However, to accept a digital currency, or more importantly - to eradicate the cash economy is to cement your entire life to an authority. There are no hidden savings. There are no cash in hand jobs. There is the recording of your entire life upon every single transaction you make. Free societies do not have this relationship with the State. To make it clear, I use the term 'State' to describe the relationship between corporations and our Governments who continue to work in unison. To pretend there is still a separation between leading corporations and our Government is juvenile gullibility, and I have a magic tea pot to sell you.

If you're about to utter the phrase,"nothing to hide, nothing to fear"I implore you to not do it in front of me. This is a child's retort unworthy of reply. This is to admit you have not given any thought to what a free people is to have with a Government.

As for the health passports - this should speak for itself.

"Please Government, am I well enough to go to work today?"

"Please Government, am I able to attend my wedding today?"

You are not a free country when this is your reality. Look at China. These technologies can quickly be developed into more insidious agendas.

Now, are there health concerns related to 5G?

Although there may be concerns for long term health effects, we won’t know for definite until the long term has passed. However, there are negative consequences regarding increasing electromagnetic radiation exposure to our bodies which we can already observe. There is evidence to acknowledge the risk of decreased immunity and overall health when exposed to greater levels of electromagnetic radiation. After all, the EU continues to ignore genuine academic scientists on raising this matter.

Ironically, protecting the environment via the Great Reset also ignores evidence suggesting nature will be adversely affected by roll out of further levels of electromagnetic radiation.

My position on 5G is very simple:

It doesn’t make or break our lives if we can download things faster which is how it is being presented to us brainless consumers. It seems significantly more important to the establishment and International NGOs than to us. Even in the midst of a ''pandemic'' and economic catastrophe, all countries are driving hard to update to 5G - which is not cheap.

The immediate concern for me is 5G looks to be a key concept in the fourth industrial revolution being used to control/ monitor all aspects of our lives.

At the end of the day, 5G is not a huge issue to me personally. I'm more interested in the unconscious connection we all seem to make regarding technology as a whole:

Technology = Progress.

It is definitely a contentious assumption to make when one thinks about it. Is society not experiencing a mental health epidemic? Are we becoming more reliant on technology and less able to concentrate for periods of time? Are we not seeing more widespread depression and isolation even though we're supposed to be more connected? I believe these issues are interesting and important to explore. I'd be more interested in discussing the importance of balancing the use of technology instead of the constant uptake of more digitilisation. Technology has undoubtedly increased our standards of living, however are we immersing too much into the digital world? We also need to ask just how much power do these tech companies working in lieu with Governments truly hold over us?

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