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Australia implement policies which make no sense in at all

Families separated on either side of the NSW-Queensland border - celebrate Father's Day by hugging each other and exchanging gifts over the barrier

  • Families gathered at border barricades on Father's Day to meet with loves ones

  • There were many tearful reunions at the Queensland-NSW border on Sunday

  • Families separated by border closures hugged and kissed over barricades

  • Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk described emotional scenes as heartbreaking

Dozens of families separated by Covid-19 border closures have finally seen their loved ones for the first time in weeks, sparking emotional scenes.

Families gathered at various barricades along the Queensland-NSW border for tearful reunions on a Father's Day like no other on Sunday.

Loved ones hugged each other and chatted over the barricades on both side of the border at Tweed Heads and Coolangatta.

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None of this makes any sense. They're shutting the borders but still hugging over them! We live in an insane asylum. The politicians are just abusing power and creating laws even though they make no sense. The people are still going along with it! It's embarrassing.


And they implement actual fascism:


Meanwhile, the Australian PM goes on holiday whilst lockdowns are in operation and doesn't quarantine. He's clearly not worried about the virus, so why are you?

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