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Bank of England want their digital currency to be programmable

Here's an excerpt from the BBC article:

"The introduction of a digital currency could lead to "programmable money", when payments could be integrated with appliances at home or tills at the shops.

Tax payments could be routed to HM Revenue and Customs at the point of sale, the Bank said.

Other examples are shares automatically paying dividends directly to shareholders, or electricity meters paying suppliers directly, based on the amount of power used.

It could also help with very small payments at a lower cost than now, allowing payments such as for a few pence each time to read individual news articles, rather than signing up to a monthly subscription.

Other central banks around the world are investigating the option of issuing digital currency. Interested parties are being invited to respond to the Bank of England's discussion by 12 June."

Do you really think is designed for our benefit? Come on people. The issuer of the currency can literally programme it in any way they want or need to. This is only a tool that can used for tyranny, not to liberate the people. This clearly a move towards total control.

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