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Biodigital convergence, Transhumanism, The WEF and the complete Global Reset - Welcome to our future

Here are two documentaries I believe are an essential viewing. Our future, or rather, the future of the human species is being decided by an insane cabal, unaccountable to us. Understand, this is not my interpretation of what they're discussing or promoting. This is what they are openly telling us IS literally going to happen.

Tell me, do you believe humanity (as a species) has come to a natural end and that it is necessary for us to merge with technology to be controlled? Well, unfortunately, your opinion doesn't matter, it's already been decided, and it is not up for vote.

Here's my challenge. I know you are going to be thinking this is just conspiracy theory.


I want you to watch these two documentaries with a narrow lens, and find every way to disprove what the information presented in the documentaries say. Actually read the source material which is linked below each one. Then, buy one of Klaus Schwab's books and read that. I've also linked other books that discuss our future. After that, may be read Policy Canada's report which I've discussed twice already.

Prove I'm wrong. I challenge you. I'd be a lot happier knowing this is not going to happen.


The Great Convergence - By James Corbett


The World Economic Forum - By James Corbett


Recommended Books

Between Two Ages -Zbigniew Brzezinski

The Grand Chessboard -Zbigniew Brzezinski

Scientific Outlook -Bertrand Russell

Impact of Science on Society -Bertrand Russell

Game of Nations -Miles Copeland

Tragedy & Hope – Carroll Quigley

Anglo-American Establishment -Carroll Quigley

New World Order – H.G. Wells

Open Conspiracy – H.G. Wells

The Fourth Industrial Revolution -Klaus Schwab

Covid-19: The Great Reset - Klaus Schwab

The one's highlighted are the ones I've read. There are many more to go, and hundreds more that can be listed.

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