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Biomass Bull****

“Emissions from a biomass plant exceed those from a natural gas plant by more than 800% for every major pollutant.”

Sounds very sustainable doesn’t it?

China’s increase in emissions was ~8 times Ireland’s total emissions for 2018.

In 2019, it was on its way towards 9 times our total emissions etc. This exponential projection goes all the way out to 2030 before they are obligated to make any cuts.

Ireland’s emissions were ~40 millions tonnes in 2016 vis-a-vis the UK at about 400 million tonnes.

Using the figures from the UK’s climate modelling, a basic calculation for Ireland would be the UK's NetZero target divided by 10.

Ergo; NetZero Irish Emissions mitigates 0.0004 degrees hypothetical global warming by 2050.

*Bonus: For context a person can scarcely detect a temperature change of 4-5 degrees if the rate is less than a half degree per minute.

Source: Climate Ireland

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