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BLM - A false narrative

I could go into the blatant lies regarding police shootings in the US. I could go into the Black Lives Matter cause to destroy the black family and capitalism, however - they deleted this page. But, it can be found here:

I could go into the founding members and their admittance of being trained Marxists.

Yes, I tire of the police militarisation, police abuse and the insane actions of policing mean tweets rather than grooming gangs. I also have no time for the fraudulent organisation BLM that instigate violence like Antifa. Antifa and BLM do not care about black people. They are a Soros funded echo chamber designed to inflame anger and trap the people they supposedly claim to help. If they weren’t, you would hear more voices such as Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and Larry Elder etc. Why are they never invited on to BLM's platform?

However, even with the blatant fraud of what BLM is, compared to what it is portrayed to be, it is still a distraction.

I have called out all parties from the beginning, this all old news.

It really does not matter what you or I think about the protests. As far as I am concerned, there is only a "1%" that constantly loot us all.

They’ve succeeded in looting the entire United States via the Federal Reserve. The BoE has successfully looted the United Kingdom via the stupidity of the Tory Government. Both Governments are now discussing increasing taxes and austerity to cover up their "mistakes." So, we lose - again.

Whilst we all have our fingers pointed at one another, we are still asking for the Government to solve the problem. This is the institution that caused all of the above problems in the first place. When will we learn?!

Judging Government policies by their consequences instead of their objectives would solve a lot of our problems.

The Government are owned by corporate and internationalist entities who are on a mission to initiate the ‘Great Reset’ in 2021. This is all that really matters. It affects all of us regardless of your skin colour.

As with all protests, it gets it out of your system so you can go back to doing as you're told. People will go back to voting Democrat or Republican in the US and wonder in four years time, why has nothing changed? Again.

It’s a cliche, but the only way out is to stop thinking of yourself as black or white as if that’s your identity. You are not identified by your colour. You are your experiences, feelings and history. We’re more than race baited riots. Our world is beautiful and complex, it is not simplified into colour and collectivism. There is no such thing as collective rights. To protect your black neighbours lives and your white neighbours lives, you can only advocate for individual rights.


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