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BMJ: Peter Doshi Testifies Against The Covid-19 Vaccines

My boy, the first one who questioned 'the science' way back in 2020 just smashed the entire facade of the vaccines.

He outlines the following:

  1. The term 'vaccine' was disingenuously used to make it seem something it wasn't.

  2. The merriam-webster definition of 'anti-vaxxer' includes people who do not wish mandatory vaccines which was changed by merriam-webster earlier this year.

  3. mRNA products did not meet the criteria to be called a 'vaccine' for 15 years, but was changed this year to make them mandatory.

  4. The data shows the 'drug' is ineffective in what it claims to do.

  5. Vaccinated people in the UK are dying more frequently than unvaccinated.

  6. If there is a pandemic of the 'unvaccinated' why do the vaccinated need a booster shot?

  7. There was only 1 death in 70,000 people of the placebo group in the original pfizer trial - no deaths were saved.

Watch Peter's segment here:

Watch the full panel discussion below:

Peter Doshi

Peter Doshi is a senior editor at The BMJ and on the News & Views team. Based in Baltimore, he is also an associate professor of pharmaceutical health services research at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. His research focuses on the drug approval process, how the risks and benefits of medical products are assessed and communicated, and improving the credibility and accuracy of evidence synthesis and biomedical publications. Doshi campaigns for greater transparency of clinical trial data and leads the Restoring Invisible and Abandoned Trials (RIAT) initiative, which aims to ensure clinical trial publications are accurate, complete, and data are publicly available. Doshi also has strong interests in journalism as a vehicle for encouraging better practice and improving the research enterprise. Doshi completed a fellowship in comparative effectiveness research at Johns Hopkins and received his PhD in history, anthropology, and science, technology and society from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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