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Boris Johnson war on meat and cash

Boris thinks humanity could soon abandon eating meat in favour of lab-grown, eco-friendly alternatives in a drastic bid to save the planet.

Mr Johnson said: "I think in the future - I've got to be honest - I think in the future, we will move away from eating as much meat.

"I think that already science is developing meat substitutes that are basically engineered in a lab, that are very like meat and you won't be able to tell the difference between a bio-engineered hamburger and - I'm serious - and a real hamburger.

"And that will be the future very soon. I mean it's already here, I think."

Ms Steele added: "It is, definitely, and I think there's also things we can do to mix up our meals.

"Maybe less meat and put some beans in. It can still be very tasty but great for our climate."

BoJo is also pumping “taking action on cash” to save the world from global warming — in other words, moving to a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency):

Central planning never works. It cannot work.

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