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Can there be Science without Free Speech?

The death of Galileo is seen by many as an example of a bygone era where eventually the triumph of Reason, asking questions and scientific exploration became a cornerstone of the Enlightenment and society.

Public Health is an area where science medicine and policy all intertwine. In the past, major historical developments and transformation of Public Health occurred through medical innovations such as Penicillin and improvements in municipal sanitary conditions. Also while medicine and average age of death has steadily improved, there have been mistakes and cover ups.

At the start of the policy of lockdowns by the government as their response to Covid, the term “the science” was used frequently. Is that an accurate description? Or is science a method and research process? If it is continually developing is it acceptable – or is science even possible – without rigorous challenges, contestations, questions and debate?

Dan Davies Chairman Institute of Licensing, CEO Rockpoint Leisure Wirral Alan Miller #openforall

Dr Renee Hoenderkamp

NHS Doctor Dr Clare Craig

Dr Jade Norris, Uni of Bristol

Craig Lee Williams local just back from Canada with case study from there

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