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Canada begins to fight back

The Constitutional Rights Centre Inc. (“CRC”) was incorporated, in Ontario, in November, 2004. From 2004 to 2013, it non-publicly, except to lawyers, operated in its development, in assisting and procuring legal counsel, with respect to constitutional cases, where counsel and/or their client, lacked the funds and/or expertise to mount, argue, or appeal a constitutional issue or case. Since 2013 it has, as co-Applicant, also initiated litigation in such cases as the “Nadon Reference” case, the “Mainville Reference” case, the challenge to the new Citizenship Act (Bill C-24).

The CRC fight the government on the suppression of science and it's intentional intended harm on it's population:

Download PDF • 1.83MB

Bare in mind, I have not read the whole document. However, 'THE FACTS' from page 85 onwards is very interesting.

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