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CBBC go full evil and lie to the children about the covid-19 vaccine safety

There is no other word for this but evil. The children must be protected from this insanity. She says the vaccines are 100% safe for children - this is nothing but a complete and utter lie.

Watch the video:

There's more CBBC newsround vile propaganda:

They're even promoting sales if you get covid vaccinations:

Wow! They're even telling kids how to not fall for 'fake news' - they say trust the experts. But which ones I wonder? The bought and paid for ones on the TV screens? Or the thousands rallying against the fraud? They even say don't trust celebrities, yet it's the governments paying celebrities to encourage people to get the jab.

This really is just utter evil. Can we at least leave the children alone? Please?

Thankfully the UK Medical Freedom Alliance (UKMFA) have sent a letter of complaint to Professor Sridhar. In their statement, the UKMFA said that they decided to write the open letter because the “simplified and biased message” is “deeply irresponsible” and “amounts to propaganda."

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