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CFR lead fight against "misinformation" and Atlantic Council explain why China's CBDC is great

This scripted video produced by the Council on Foreign Relations is the most condescending and dystopic content I have ever seen. I implore you to watch it.

Not once do they define what misinformation is. It is clear they want to remove all non-mainstream media outlets and communities from the internet.

Let's remember its the mainstream media who lie about every single thing. Literally everything. They want their competition taken out so they can't be challenged. Did we find those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Did you know the US Government flew the bin-Laden family out of the country after 9/11? Did you know bin-Laden was a US intelligence asset?

Seriously, watch it. It's an incredible piece of propaganda. If they ever want to go head to head with "misinformation agents" and "dangerous conspiracy theorists" I am ready and open for the invite. Four on One and I know I will still tear apart their entire narrative just by using the mainstream media own lies throughout history. If they ever read this, please get in touch!

Next, the Atlantic Council host a scripted conversation explaining why China's digital currency is misunderstood and they're actually an example that should be followed. Surprisingly, total government controlled digital currency is more preferential to private, decentralised and free digital crypto-currencies. Who would have guessed eh?!

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