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Chatham House discuss the Great Reset (Circular Economy and Carbon Credits)


Which countries are most exposed to the EU’s proposed carbon tariffs?

The European Union (EU) is moving ahead with the world’s first border tax on the carbon content of imported goods which aims to strengthen its increasingly ambitious climate targets and policies, but is attracting criticism. How would it work and which trading partners are most vulnerable to its impacts? This article was authored by our partners at Adelphi and International Carbon Action Partnership, as part of our CASCADES project. Read here


How to use global trade for a just circular transition

There is growing interest in how global trade could be harnessed to deliver a just circular transition. Research Fellow Jack Barrie and Senior Research Fellow Patrick Schröder analyse the necessary actions to mitigate the threats and amplify the opportunities brought about by an increasingly circular trading system. Read here


Trade, technology and the circularity divide

A new generation of technologies is poised to restructure the global trading system and accelerate the transition to a circular economy. However, unless trade and development cooperation enable low-income countries to reap the benefits, the same technologies could deepen global inequalities, write Patrick Schröder and Jack Barrie. Read here

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