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Chris Whitty sabotaged Hydroxychloroquine study in 2020

On April 1st 2020, the Chief Medical Officers of England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland, and the National Medical Director Stephen Powis signed a message sent to their NHS colleagues to ask that every effort was made to enroll COVID-19 patients in the national priority clinical trials.

Those trials were:

PRINCIPLE (higher risk patients in primary care trial). RECOVERY (in hospital trial) REMAP-CAP (critically ill patient trial) Hydroxychloroquine was one of the drugs being trialled. In the RECOVERY Trial and the REMAP-CAP Trial they used an extremely high and potentially lethal dose: 800 mg at 0 and 6 hours followed by 400 mg at 12 hours and then every 12 hours for up to nine additional days. A patient was therefore given 2,400 mg in the first 24 hours of treatment.

According to David Jayne, professor of clinical autoimmunity at Cambridge University:

“Hydroxychloroquine overdose is associated with cardiovascular, neurological, and other toxicities, occurring with doses over 1500 mg, and higher doses are associated with fatality.”

In an article for the BMJ found here co-head of the Recovery Trial Martin Landray explained:

“The dose comes from modelling by Nick White, professor of tropical medicine at the University of Oxford, and his team, who have extensive experience with this drug.”

Sir Nicholas White was involved in the WHO’s “Informal consultation on the potential role of chloroquine in the clinical management of COVID 19 infection” on March 13th. Also present were 5 “Experts” affiliated with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The WHO’s SOLIDARITY Trial used the same dose for hydroxychloroquine as the RECOVERY & REMAP-CAP Trials.

Chinese scientists had already recommended a much lower and safer dose on March 9th 2020:

“a loading dose of 400 mg twice daily of hydroxychloroquine sulfate given orally, followed by a maintenance dose of 200 mg given twice daily for 4 days is recommended for SARS-CoV-2 infection”

This excerpt was taken from The Daily Expose




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