Collectivist solutions are an impossibility (BLM)

The 2020 race riot is no different to any other year.

So today, people are once again pinned into their groups and identified by their colour more than ever.

Here's the issue; humanity cannot be put into tick boxes. You’re not a white man or black man. You’re a collection of thoughts, feelings and experiences unique to you. When you inevitably experience some form of injustice - you can never expect it to be solved through collectivism of the right or left.

To subject yourself to the collectivist paradigm is to be forced into a team. Placing yourself into a team means you have to take a side. This means you have to assume the other side is wrong. Unfortunately, the animosity is so high between teams, you now have enemies. To have a team means you have to tread the line, what happens if you're exposed to new information? Does your team ask you to explain it and listen? No they do not. You are out. You are on your own.

There are only individuals and the individual is the only minority that suffers consistently.

When the effects of the incoming depression hits, being black or white will not increase your purchasing power. It will not help you get a job when the unemployment rate hits 50% (my personal prediction.) We are all under the same boot and it is going to come down hard. The irony is, the culprits will be unaffected and unaccountable yet again – our Government and it’s financiers. Did you see the Government's self-appointed pay rise this week? We are not "all in this together."

Whilst we shout ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘All Lives Matter’ and ‘I’m more oppressed than you’ in the Victim Olympics, more of our individual rights are taken, Government grows and the Internationalist Organisations that own our Governments control more of our lives. This is not a wise position to be in.