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Council on Foreign Relations: Unlawful fishing requires military interference

Our favourite, unaccountable, tyrannical, insane organisation the Council on Foreign Relations have come out and said illegal fishing is a serious threat and we need military interference.

Of course - it's a global problem and we need yet, another global solution. Hahaha. We don't even need to read the articles any more do we. We know what the tone is going to be straight away with every problem.

Reader, can you see the continuous pattern being developed in all areas of our lives? Everything is a global problem, I wonder if there's a global solution for all these global problems?! Hmm......

It will be used to let the "public-private" corporations take charge so they "look after the oceans" for us, sorry - I meant "OWN the oceans for us."

If you're a small business in the fishing world, your days are numbered I'm afraid - just like the farmers on land.

The tone of the final two paragraphs set it up nicely - another damn global watchdog (the International Maritime Organisation or whatever) is having to maintain the fishing industry for our own good.

"What other multilateral efforts are there?

IUU fishing can only be combated by a whole-of-world approach, presenting an opportunity for state-to-state cooperation. Regional fisheries management organizations are working with the International Maritime Organization to boost accountability requirements aboard commercial fishing vessels across the globe. Other international bodies and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) are contributing to the fight as well. Interpol’s Project Scale is succeeding in catching much illegal fishing. Technology initiatives such as the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Oversea Ocean Monitor and Global Fishing Watch’s satellite-based platforms have been highly effective tools for spotting suspect activity across large spans of the ocean. And NGOs such as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Greenpeace, which operate on contributions from private donors with vessels crewed by volunteers, also help build maritime domain awareness.

The world needs to collectively continue to fight the scourge of IUU fishing in order to protect sensitive marine environments and food sustainability, prevent irreparable damage to coastal economies, counter corruption and associated criminal activity, and uphold the sovereignty and security of the world’s maritime nations."

Read the full bullshit here.

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