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Covid Passports will NOT be introduced in the House of Commons

MPs congregated in the House of Commons constitutes as a large crowd. However, the new tyrannical law that is digital ID and Nazism will not be featured for the politicians.

Surprising? No. If you are surprised, you have not be paying attention.

Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle:

“I have had no indication that the Government considers the policy he’s mentioned should apply to this House. There is nothing to stop a member from coming into here, you have the right to come to this House unless this House otherwise says so.

“The Government’s not been in touch. I don’t expect them to be in touch because, as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t apply to members,”

Laws for thee, not for me.

Say 'No' and reject this tyranny. This is about control. No matter what side of the vaccine debate you're on, digital IDs/ vaccine passports/ "show me your papers" will NEVER benefit you, the individual. It ONLY benefits the ones in authority.

What is clear is people can never think long term. What impact or effect will this tyrannical law have say, in a years time?

Let me make a prediction:

Now the vaccine passports are in place, you will have to accept every new vaccine that comes on to the market to enter public life. I guarantee in one year, you will have to show you have the latest "top up" fraud for the made up 'scarient' at the time, to enter any public place. You will probably also need it to work by then as well. Employers will be demanding your entire medical record, which the app will contain. Think you have the right to privacy? Nope. Your entire medical history will be needed to have a pint and watch the football in the pub.I suggest going to self employment if possible.

Don't worry though, the MPs can drink in their own bars in the house of commons.

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