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"Cyber Covid" - a new virus threat.

You couldn't make it up could you? Yes, you could. And, they have.

Just like Event 201 held by the WEF, the WEF also began "simulating" threats to our online platforms, and since everyone has gradually moved they're entire lives online - this has the potential to make the "covid pandemic look like a cold" - they're own words.

Well, the best place to start is to watch it yourself. It's called Cyber Polygon and these "run through scenarios" began in 2016. I subjected myself to this year's bore-fest, however, there were very interesting aspects.

Cyber Polygon's goals are quite understandable taken at face value:

"Cyber Polygon is a unique cybersecurity event that combines the world’s largest technical training for corporate teams and an online conference featuring senior officials from international organisations and leading corporations."

Ironically, two of the main partners involved are Russian, TASS - a news agency and Sberbank Group - Russia's largest bank. Again, when one pays attention to the story board the mainstream news presents us, you'd think Russia would be nowhere near cyber security operations. It's almost like the Russian boogeyman is precisely that - the boogeyman for our Governments when they want to pass more draconian laws against us. Wheel out the Russian threat again!

Anyway, one of the highlights of this discussion was listening to Tony Blair tell us we need global cooperation to stop these incredible threats. I guess some people still think he isn't a war criminal and knowingly lied to the British people so our Bankers could rake in billions from the Iraq war. That's the only reason I can fathom as to why he's still looked as an authority figure, and not as a prisoner.

This was the general gist of the whole 4 hours - we need global framework and centralised authority to eliminate these threats. As with all globalist organisations - they insist on the lie that greater consolidation of power to a few is the only way to bring peace and control. Control yes, peace, well that's perfectly achievable now if we were to audit and disband central banks and intelligence agencies. If you find yourself agreeing with WEF and it's partners about the future of the world, you need to understand what decentralisation offers because that's our only way out of this mess if we want some sort of liberty still.

Another highlight was the conversation between was Vladmir Pozner and Nik Gowing. This was literally incredible. They were both discussing how mainstream media need to be truth speakers and the alternative media sources are dangerous and spread misinformation. Please listen to it, they were doing classic projection - Nik Gowing the ex BBC journalist was listing all the faults of the mainstream media and presenting them as alternative media's faults. If you do not watch the full four hours of the presentation, just watch this interview.

It's quite clear the Globalist Organisations are letting us know, another possible calamity is on the way, just like they did with Event 201. A knockout to a power grid, or the financial system would definitely help implement some permanent changes like digital IDs, a new financial system (CBDCs) and perhaps rationing of energy in the name of Climate Change.

The IMF and Bank of International Settlements regularly discuss this threat. As well as our Governments. I urge you all to subscribe to the IMF and BIS. They truly set the agenda, our Government's just do as they say. It has not been more evident than during this "pandemic."

I think it is worth watching the Cyber Polygon event so you can get an idea of the players involved, they always seem to be the same. How coincidental.

A personal suggestion from me is to start buying extra food and be careful where you hold your money at the moment. Better safe than sorry.

As always, there's ways out of this - decentralisation and localisation of power to expand our liberty. All of the actions promoted by these bodies, including our Governments do the exact opposite. Just bare that in mind.


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