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Daily Top 10: 05/05/2021

1. Dr John Lee, another conspiracy theorist *Doctor* speaks out against the actions taken over this "pandemic."

Dr John Lee, retired pathologist, now according to Fact Checkers, conspiracy theorist. This is my favourite quote on how Wikipedia describe Dr Lee: "Lee claimed that the number of deaths was below average for the time of year. Fact checking organisation Full Fact challenged that this was incorrect and in the final four weeks of 2020 the number of deaths was higher than the last five years." If you can't understand the complete stupidity of this comment, you're too far gone.

2. A comprehensive documentation of pandemic simulation games conducted throughout recent decades by governments and international gloablist think-tanks:

3. MI6, our intelligence agencies, actually come out and say they will commence spying on companies (and us) to make sure we stick to our "climate commitments." This is not how free countries operate. Our intelligence agencies need to be disbanded immediately. Like I said from the beginning, covid-19 is about climate change and population control. The covid-19 rhetoric is now transitioning to the climate change rhetoric. Everything we do, buy, eat and even excrete will be tracked and recorded under the guise of "saving the planet."

4. This is the real problem in India:

The farmers protests are of such importance the media actively ignore it. The global food supply is deliberately being targetted so they can transition the control to a handful of corporations. Instead they push a fraudulent rise in covid-19 cases to scare us. This is a lie, I will do an India blog with all the actual data, separatley this week.

5. The US Government hire the same guy, Philip Zelikow, to "investigate" the pandemic as the guy to "investigate" 9/11. He covered up and lied about many, many, many issues in the commission report. I may do a 9/11 blog at some point but it is very long. If you are interested in the pitfalls by the commission, this is a wonderful, SOURCED starting point (you can find uploaded versions on YouTube.)

6. Centralisation and control of power via pandemics. SPARS Pandemic Scenario.

7. Pakistan brings in the army to implement covid-19 restrictions. Some quick maths can show you 0.0085% of the country’s population have allegedly died of covid. But, now they're bringing in the army to enforce curfews and shut down businesses. Do you still believe that this is about a virus? I don't. A wise person would think what is coming next? Are they preparing for something else? Just conspiracy theory thinking I guess.

8. The BBC are pretending they care about children again. This didn't need to be investigated. This is common sense. Don't pretend you care about the children if you advocated for lockdowns, own your tyranny, do not try and be a hypocrite - it's embarrassing.

"Data from 50,000 pupils and a survey of schools across England have shown an increased number of four- and five-year-olds needing help with language.

Evidence shows poor speech development can have long-term effects on learning.

The government says it is investing £18m in early-years catch-up, including extra help for those in Reception year.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) research suggests the measures taken to combat the pandemic have deprived the youngest children of social contact and experiences essential for increasing vocabulary.

Less or no contact with grandparents, social distancing, no play dates, and the wearing of face coverings in public have left children less exposed to conversations and everyday experiences.

Of 58 primary schools surveyed across England:

  • 76% said pupils starting school in September 2020 needed more support with communication than in previous years

  • 96% they were concerned about pupils' speech-and-language development."

9. Remember when the lying scum in Westminster said Vaccine Passports was "un-British" or when they said they would never be rolled out? Well, here they are. I said they would be rolled out right in the beginning of this "pandemic." Why do my predictions keep coming true?

10. Councils are hiring covid marshals until 2023. This is never going to end. When will you understand this. All the Government will do is dangle the carrot to keep you complying like good little idiots.

“A new army of Covid Marshals is being recruited for roles that could last until 2023 despite Government plans to lift all remaining restrictions on June 21.”

“Councils around the country are advertising jobs that do not begin until July – several days after the supposed freedom day.”

Hertfordshire County Council, which is “offering a contract of up to £3 million to firms that can supply 60 marshals from July 1 until January 31 next year.”

“The contract comes with a possible one-year extension, meaning marshals would still be patrolling until 2023,”

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