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Daily Top 10: 09/04/2021

Three different people, from three completely different political philosophies all agreeing these vaccine passports are the end of a "free" country.

1. Paul Joseph Watson (conservative / right wing):

2. Godfrey Bloom (libertarian):

3. Russell Brand (left wing):

Your political positions do not matter any more. We are all facing the same threat. It begins with the vaccine passport / digital ID. Then comes the UBI, then the Central Bank Digital Currencies, then the social credit system, then serfdom. Vaccine passports protect no one's health. If you're vaccinated and it works, it should not matter if the person next to you is or isn't.

It really is very simple. A free country works on the premise of citizen privacy, the right to be free from government and corporate (as they are one and the same thing now) prying eyes. But, even more importantly, in a free country - we are innocent until proven guilty. Vaccine passports completely reverse this. We would be considered ill until proven healthy. You must be able to see why this is dangerous and what it inevitably leads to. If you don't, read Brave New World or 1984.

4. Tanzania's new president is playing ball with the globalist narrative. The previous President, John Magufuli who died last month is termed the 'covid-denier.' He refuted the narrative and sent in samples for PCR testing demonstrating their nonsense. He refused to implement lockdowns. He died reportedly of heart failure, many believe he was targetted due to not playing ball. There is no evidence of this, but I speculate this is probably true. But, the important part of this story is the following point:

The new President Samia Suluhu Hassan is advocating these vaccines, implying John Magufuli was wrong to warn the Tanzanian people against using them and that restrictions may be necessary.

I can prove who is correct - bare in mind Tanzania did not lockdown or impose any restrictions last year. Only 21 people died in the entire country from covid-19.

In 2020, crude death rate for United Republic of Tanzania was 6.12 deaths per thousand population. Crude death rate of United Republic of Tanzania fell gradually from 17.88 deaths per thousand population in 1971 to 6.12 deaths per thousand population in 2020.

You can choose any independent data set you want. I've shown you two already. Believe whatever you want, but there's the data. Funny how Florida, Sweden and other countries seem to have similar trends.

5. Chatham House are promoting a new normal. Translation - we are never going back to being a free country. The World Economic, IMF, Council on Foreign Relations and Chatham House are all telling you this.

6. I subscribe to all the international organisations that govern us and I urge you to do the same. This is the WEF's weekly newsletter. Just look at the topics yourself. It's all been decided. They may pretend to frame it as speculation, but the bank reports confirm these are the directions we're going. My favourite article this week happens to be this one - The future of face-to-face: how COVID-19 will reshape learning and work - Klaus Schwab "predicted" this would be the future in his book - The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

7. Speaking of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, our Government have been preparing for it since 2017. Remember voting for this? I don't. It explains why Matt Hancock is in the position he is today:

"Earlier this year, the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ was not a very well-known term – at least before it became a central topic at the World Economic Forum. It recently made its way into an item on BBC Breakfast television – this shows we’ve probably started to reach critical mass.

It’s a pleasure now to introduce the man who made the fourth industrial revolution a household phrase: Professor Klaus Schwab."

8. Something I have not covered in as much detail as I should have is the global food supply and how centralised it already is. Thankfully, we have Christian analysing the global food supply and what these internationalists are planning. Please watch 'Zero Carbon Agenda Deconstructed.' Covid-19, climate change and food production all result in zero emissions - think what this actually means. We cannot maintain our current standards of living if we go net zero, like achieving zero covid, it is impossible. They know this. So what is going to really happen?

9. Directly related to the global food supply chains, last year the Rockefeller Foundation released their "new plan" for the US food supply. This is where every seed in the entire world is going to be tracked, traced and controlled. It's exactly what is needed to combat a coronavirus with a death rate of 0.01%! The document is inaccurate from the beginning. It says "the coronavirus pandemic disrupted all the food supplies" - this is completely wrong - it is intentional government policies that disrupted the global food supply chains.

Here it is - Reset The Table.

10. Further related to this global food supply "reset", Bill Gates decides to become the largest farm land owner in the US. He wants to end meat production and is heavily invested in lab grown meat. Conflicts of interest do not seem to matter at the moment. Doesn't he advise the WHO on heath? The Governments on climate change and health? And every single health care department in the entire world? What a guy!

It's very lucky he holds the same beliefs as Rockefeller and Klaus Schwab as to how the world should operate. How coincidental.

This is the deal - the elites own everything and decide how to allocate it's resources. It's almost like global governance or something, but that's conspiracy theory! That is the future. This is not a "pandemic", this is the largest transfer of wealth in history. How else will these elites own everything they need to in order to "reset" the world?

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