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Daily Top 10: 14/04/2021

1. Dr Peter McCullough, MD testifies to Texas Senate HHS Committee: "There's no rationale to vaccinate under 50s."

Dr. McCullough is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in internal medicine and cardiovascular disease. He has a Masters in Public Health in Epidemiology. Dr. McCullough is an internationally recognized authority on the evaluation of medical evidence concerning contemporary issues in medicine and has published widely with more than 1000 publications and 500 citations in the National Library of Medicine. But, no doubt he's a conspiracy theorist to online fact checkers.

2. The Pope backs global government:

"there remains an urgent need for a global plan that can create new or regenerate existing institutions, particularly those of global governance, and help to build a new network of international relations for advancing the integral human development of all peoples". This, he explained, means giving poorer and less developed nations an effective share in decision-making and facilitating access to the international market.

We cannot overlook the “ecological debt” that exists especially between the global north and south, continued the Pope. "We are, in fact, in debt to nature itself, as well as the people and countries affected by human-induced ecological degradation and biodiversity loss", he added. In this regard, the Pope said, "I believe that the financial industry, which is distinguished by its great creativity, will prove capable of developing agile mechanisms for calculating this ecological debt, so that developed countries can pay it, not only by significantly limiting their consumption of non-renewable energy or by assisting poorer countries to enact policies and programmes of sustainable development, but also by covering the costs of the innovation required for that purpose".

He continued, "Central to a just and integrated development is a profound appreciation of the essential objective and end of all economic life, namely the universal common good: Public money should never be disjoined from the public good, and financial markets should be underpinned by laws and regulations aimed at ensuring that they truly work for the common good".

Bringing his letter to a close, the Pope said that it is time to acknowledge that markets do not govern themselves. "Markets need to be underpinned by laws and regulations that ensure they work for the common good, guaranteeing that finance works for the societal goals so much needed in the context of the present global healthcare emergency."

Finally, the Pope expressed his hope that in these days of formal deliberations and personal encounters, the two organisations with "bear much fruit from the discernment of wise solutions for a more inclusive and sustainable future. A future where finance is at the service of the common good, where the vulnerable and the marginalized are placed at the centre, and where the earth, our common home, is well cared for".

Wonderful, the Pope sounds like he's calling for a "reset". So, the church, state and corporations all call for centralising global power. What could go wrong?

3. Klaus Schwab spells out our future in his book, Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

“Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies will not stop at becoming part of the physical world around us—they will become part of us. Indeed, some of us already feel that our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves. Today’s external devices—from wearable computers to virtual reality headsets—will almost certainly become implantable in our bodies and brains. Exoskeletons and prosthetics will increase our physical power, while advances in neurotechnology enhance our cognitive abilities. We will become better able to manipulate our own genes, and those of our children. These developments raise profound questions: Where do we draw the line between human and machine? What does it mean to be human?”

A whole section of this book is devoted to the theme “Altering the Human Being”. Here he drools over “the ability of new technologies to literally become part of us” and invokes a cyborg future involving “curious mixes of digital-and-analog life that will redefine our very natures”.

"These technologies will operate within our own biology and change how we interface with the world. They are capable of crossing the boundaries of body and mind, enhancing our physical abilities, and even having a lasting impact on life itself “.

"No violation seems to go too far for Schwab, who dreams of “active implantable microchips that break the skin barrier of our bodies”, “smart tattoos”, “biological computing” and “custom-designed organisms”.

He is delighted to report that “sensors, memory switches and circuits can be encoded in common human gut bacteria”, that “Smart Dust, arrays of full computers with antennas, each much smaller than a grain of sand, can now organize themselves inside the body” and that “implanted devices will likely also help to communicate thoughts normally expressed verbally through a ‘built-in’ smartphone, and potentially unexpressed thoughts or moods by reading brain waves and other signals”.

He boasts transforming humanity “heralds new industries and systems for value creation” and “represents an opportunity to create entire new systems of value in the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

This is the guy who is leading every government in the entire world through the "Build Back Better" / "Great Reset" revolution. Remember when vaccine passports and digital ID tattoos were just conspiracy theory? Most people still do not even know who Klaus Schwab is, yet, they swear they know better than us.

4. Speaking of implanting microchips. We now have microchips that will "end pandemics forever." CBS literally showed us the chips. Insanity. But, obviously, it is still conspiracy theory. I guess all we need to do is just start trusting the military industrial complex.

"Retired Army Col. Dr. Matt Hepburn, an infectious disease physician, on Sunday told 60 Minutes that the microchip acts like a “check engine” light for people.

“It’s a sensor,” Hepburn said. “That tiny green thing in there, you put it underneath your skin and what that tells you is that there are chemical reactions going on inside the body and that signal means you are going to have symptoms tomorrow.”

5. Here is a terrific article penned by the Conservative Woman website who understands the result of this Government's actions - Making illness a crime: Beware the Health Fascism Agency:

"Last week, the Government launched its new UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

Billed as ‘combining key elements of Public Health England with NHS Test and Trace, including the Joint Biosecurity Centre’, it would be easy to dismiss this as a sort of tidying-up process, bringing together the different government agencies that have formed part of its response to Covid.

But for those of us who have been deeply troubled by the interventions of government, this new department represents the realisation of what we always feared: The institutionalisation of a kind of health fascism.

At the heart of the problem lies the assumption that illness presents a security risk. We have seen this principle underpin government policy throughout and it has been used to justify some of the most restrictive, illiberal measures our country has ever seen.

The use of a lockdown in itself speaks of an assumed security threat, as this strategy was previously only associated with prisons, to control rioting inmates."

6. Boris Johnson states that lockdowns saved lives, not the vaccine programme. Hahahaha. All I've heard from everybody the last year is "vaccines are the way out." How embarrassed are you right now? Do you even care the goalposts have been moved yet again? Do you even see it?

Now why would Boris say this? Because he has no intention of giving up the powers from the Coronavirus Act in September. I told you from the beginning, once Governments get new powers, they will never give them back. They're not holding it for our sake, they're holding it for Klaus Schwab so he can instigate the Great Reset.

7. The IMF tell us Asia are a good example with strong, big government controls and that they will lead the Global Green Revolution (that no one has voted for.)

8. Mark Pickles a scientific writer explains what 'nudging' really is and the Behavioural Insights Unit working for the Government are completely politically motivated.

9. Janet Yellen calling for global tax rates might signal the formation of some weird, unelected, unaccountable global government. But, that's probably just conspiracy theorist nonsense right?

10. The secretary general of the United Nations, tells us the path towards Agenda 2030 is still on the way.

"Investing in a new social contract, based on solidarity in education, green jobs, social protection, and health systems was the UN chief’s fifth priority action, which he maintained was “the foundation for sustainable and inclusive development”.

“This Forum must provide ambition and momentum, to finance a resilient, inclusive, equitable and sustainable future for all”, the Secretary-General concluded.

Sounds wonderful eh? They never seem to tell you who is in charge and how they're accountable in this new social contract?! Strange.

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