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Daily Top 10: 14/05/2021

1. China's digital currency is being openly discussed. They're presented as miles ahead of the West and should be an example to follow:

"But given how much is at stake, it is vital that the US, EU and UK begin testing their own digital currencies urgently. Blockchain is reinventing the way we conduct payments, and the risks of being left behind are too great to ignore."

2. The drug companies are making record profits for the unproven vaccines, roll in the booster shots! They want this gravy train going on forever.

3. There's new videos of people's vaccinated sites being "magnetic." This is obviously being pushed as the implantation of microchips. Now, I've shown evidence that microchipping the human cattle is on the way, but I do not believe this is evidence of the vaccine implanting microchips. This abstract from the National Library of Medicine offers a possible explanation for this phenomenon. However, I can't find if iron oxide nanoparticles have been included in these specific current vaccines or not. But, I have found a study discussing using them in nanotechnology-based vaccines. It's a new puzzle with no obvious answers provided at the moment.

Fact checkers say everyone in these videos are using double-sided tape, but provide no evidence. Luckily, I don't listen to conspiracy theories.

4. The IMF publish a report suggesting the need for some new data rules to make sure we're all greener. I don't care what they're saying really. It's just a reason to remove privacy rights.

5. Eric Clapton regrets getting the vaccine.

6. ONS lie about the covid statistics to encourage lockdowns.

7. Remember Bill Gates released GMO mosquitoes in Florida this year? Well, "deadly disease carrying mosquitoes" are on the way to the UK. Fantastic.

8. MIT "study" say its luck that decides if you're rich or not. Not being part of a rigged system. Hilarious.

9. Conservative Woman provide more great insights: The Government are never on YOUR side.



11. Just how corrupt is the WHO? Watch and read for yourself. I mean, read the sources as well.

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