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Daily Top 10: 15/04/2021

1. The World Economic Forum announce cyber polygon 2021. Partnering up with the Russian Sberbank they announce: “The key message voiced by experts at WEF and other international platforms is that supply chain security is to become a major cybersecurity issue in 2021,

“The ever-expanding digitalization tightens the interconnectivity between people, devices, companies and countries. Thus, the resilience of an entire system depends on the ability of each link within a chain to withstand threats of various grades.”

The website ominously warns that “a single vulnerable link is enough to bring down the entire system, just like the domino effect”, adding that “Cyber Polygon 2021 will enable the spectators and participants to improve on their cyber literacy, enhance the resilience of their organizations and learn to repel cyberthreats on all levels.”

Let's remember, Event 201 was carried out just before covid-19. We had live terrorist drills during 7/7 in London. 9/11 occurred during live war game drills by the US military who were rehearsing what would happen if aircraft were hijacked over US soil. I wonder if we're due another amazing coincidence?

2. UK Government document states vaccinated people will die in the third wave because of unvaccinated children and adults. The Document is called Summary of further modelling of easing restrictions–Roadmap Step 2 :

Page 18 - "This shows that most deaths and admissions in a post-Roadmap resurgence are in people who have received two vaccine doses, even without vaccine protection waning or a variant emerging that escapes vaccines.This is because vaccine uptake has been so high in the oldest age groups (modelled here at 95% in the over 50-year olds). There are therefore 5% of over 50-year olds who have not been vaccinated, and 95% x 10% = 9.5% of over 50-year olds who are vaccinated but,nevertheless,not protected against death. This is not the result of vaccines being ineffective, merely uptake being so high"

Brilliant. So,what's the way out now? Is anything clicking yet? It's almost like they are just modelling the outcomes they want. It's almost like modelling isn't very reliable, just like climate change modelling.

3. The World Economic Forum promote vaccine passports.

4. Compulsory Vaccination of CHILDREN with new "vaccines" that aren't fully tested, do not violate human rights. This is the ruling from the European Courts of Human Rights. Even if you believe the narrative, children are not affected by this virus, yet they are going to be blamed for the third wave, AND be called on to get vaccinated. You must see the problem with this. This is a coronavirus, they cannot be vaccinated against. The vaccines do not help at all - so why make it compulsory for children? I can tell you why - to change the relationship between us and the state. The Great Reset.

5. Moderna rigged it's covid-19 trials.

6. The UK will eliminate home ownership via green insanity. This suggests to me how they plan on completing the Great Reset objective of not owning anything (but being happy about it.)

7. The WEF tells us that it will be through health propaganda they get us to merge with machines and begin our journey towards the "fourth industrial revolution."

8. Two good news stories in UK and Ireland of businesses refusing to impose vaccine passports/ digital IDs. Telegraph article and Irish ground roots movement.

9. Central Banks talking about global, digital and green economies. They've decided our future, are you okay with that?

Bank of Portugal

Swiss National Bank

European Central Bank - digital euro implementation

10. A thought exercise regarding the pandemic if you fancy it. If you're in a rush just watch the last ten minutes:


11. Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams explain why they believe vaccine passports lead to tyranny, and also laugh at how tyrannical Boris Johnson is, and how insane it is to arrest people for not "isolating" in a hotel room. Worth watching if you have another spare 30 minutes.

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