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Daily Top 10: 19/04/2021

1. Starting off with something truly beautiful. A pub owner throws out Kier Starmer for not going against the lockdowns! Get down to "The Raven" in Bath and buy a pint from this hero!

2. Ontario goes full Orwell:

Honestly, it's like we're in a real life sci-fi. Who do these authoritarians think they are? Thankfully, the pushback was massive and the Ontario police chief said "no thanks." There's still life in the West!

3. The UN say the pandemic is "far from over." Even with vaccines.

4. Telegraph admit 25% of covid-19 deaths are not caused by the virus. It's definitely more, but it's a start I suppose.

5. Dr J. Bart Classen publishes a damning report of the "vaccines":

Review of COVID-19 Vaccines and the Risk of Chronic Adverse Events Including Neurological Degeneration, J. Bart Classen, MD*

"The novel COVID vaccines create potential hazards that could be worse than the COVID-19 infections. If the COVID-19 epidemic is indeed the result of an bioweapon attack originating from within the US government, as was the anthrax attack of 2001, then one or more of the COVID vaccines could also be bioweapons. Criticism in the lay press comprising false and misleading statements from non-experts regarding a scientifically sound peer reviewed paper linking the COVID-19 vaccines to risk of prion disease [16] suggests the paper’s conclusion are on the mark! The potential vaccine recipient must think carefully about the real risk of COVID-19 to him or herself before receiving a COVID-19 specific vaccine."

6. Roberto Speranza, the Italian politician resigns due to the implementation of "lockdowns."

7. The WEF promotes this article calling for a global digitial tax.

8. Why has the Covid vaccine been relegated from ‘the best hope’ to ‘it helps’? A great article by Conservative Woman. The goalposts keep on moving!

9. Chatham House decide how to make GLOBAL GOVERNANCE more inclusive:


"The Inclusive Governance Initiative, launched in 2020 as Chatham House marked its centenary, is exploring how global governance can be reshaped to meet the challenges of today’s world.

The multilateral system is facing a crisis of confidence, with significant deficits in terms of legitimacy, transparency, accountability and equitable representation. Many see global governance as a distant diplomatic exercise which cannot keep pace with the scale, complexity and urgency of the challenges we face. The need for meaningful inclusion of a wider range of non-state actors and the more equitable participation of states is being underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This paper shares observations from roundtables that brought together traditional stakeholders and experts with newer actors in global governance. Drawing on lessons emerging from new and fast-moving policy areas, this paper highlights 10 cross-cutting insights on how to strengthen the legitimacy and effectiveness of global governance through shaping mechanisms and institutions that are more inclusive."

They also ponder is GLOBAL HEALTH COVERAGE possible? I thought the "One World Government" was conspiracy theory?!

10. This entire document talks about protecting Africa from "misinformation" but does not actually tell us what "misinformation" is. Basically it can be summarised as 'any expert that disagrees with the WHO.' That's definitely how science works! Only the World Health Organisation knows "real science" everything else is "misinformation."

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