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Daily Top 10: 20/04/2021

1. The Bank of England release their plan for their Central Bank Digital Currency:

"The Bank of England has also announced it will establish a CBDC Unit. This new division of the Bank of England will lead its internal exploration around CBDC. It will also lead the Bank’s external engagement on CBDC, including with other UK and international authorities. The Deputy Governor for Financial Stability, Jon Cunliffe, will oversee the work of the CBDC Unit."

2. Here's the latest from the IMF:

- Sam Fleming talks to IMF Chief Kristalina Georgieva and EU Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni to get their views on how the "economic renewal" of Europe. (Consolidation of power, centralised green energy, digitalised economies and reliance on AI.)

- A conversation on the urgency of a Green Recovery​ with Kristalina Georgieva and Ministers of Finance Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed, Nigel Clarke, Daniele Franco, and Sri Mulyani Indrawati.

- Securing a Green Recovery: The Economic Benefits from Tackling Climate Change

By Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director

3. The Bank of China supports the Great Reset - "never let a crisis go to waste."

"The Covid-19 pandemic has produced the unprecedented contraction that we long feared with the consequences of physical and transition risks related to climate change. So what is the lesson? It’s simple: never waste a crisis. The macroeconomic conditions are favourable. For example, interest rates are low at the moment, savings are higher in many rich countries, demand and awareness is increasing for green products, and there is growing ambition in the United States, European Union, China etc. There are also a number of projects, such as those involving green infrastructure, greener cities, carbon footprint tracing, new technologies and new ways to act using social networks. On the demand side, consumer information and incentives favour a lower-carbon economy and are increasingly aligned. For example, public awareness has risen to allow progress on carbon pricing, GHG emission taxation and emission certificates etc. On the supply side, green finance investors are asking for practical diversification for their portfolios and more projects to lower carbon content and finance the transition. There is more green research and R&D, and new technologies emerging, such as carbon capture.

Conditions seem to be emerging for an expansionary, green and more inclusive recovery, and central banks have played an important role in shaping them. Today, due to the Covid-19 crisis, the urgency is to finance an expansionary, sustainable and inclusive transition, find the good instruments and the best interlocutors, and coordinate and act in a way that actually reverses and stops the current trend of CO2 emissions. However, as a final point, we also have to change the way we think and we measure our performances. If natural capital is not free, we must innovate and change, from our national accounts to our models, and analyse the effects of climate on our economies. How can we measure the utilisation and depreciation of natural resources? How could we also value our activity with other metrics beyond market prices?18 How can we better understand the risk in our models connecting the macroeconomy with the climate in measuring happiness and our wealth?19 We need to use our time well, because time is not on our side. The pandemic has served as a glaring warning that we don’t have eternity before us, that we really are living on borrowed time, and that we need to act decisively to put in place measures that can mitigate the catastrophic risks of global warming."

China is fully on board, the China vs West narrative is a farce.

4. Endless lockdowns is the new normal. If we're talking about the "new normal", "lockdowns" and "vaccine passports" as requirements, we are not going back "to normal."

Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley:

"On the one hand, the Government is taking steps to force everyone to have a vaccine. On the other, the NHS, the manufacturers – and even Ferguson – admit that the vaccine is unreliable, will not prevent anyone from catching or passing on Covid, and is likely to have unpredictable long-term side effects because of the type of technology used."

5. Latest VAERS Data show reports of blood clotting disorders after all three emergency use authorization vaccines

6. Nick Hudson from PANDA explain how the world has lied and exaggerated covid-19:

PANDA (Pandemics Data & Analytics) is: A group of multi-disciplinary professionals, who perceived the global reaction to Covid, and lockdown in particular, as overwrought and damaging to the point of causing a great tear in the fabric of society, established PANDA (Pandemics Data & Analytics) in April 2020. As a politically and economically independent organisation, PANDA seeks to develop science-based explanations and test them against international data. Policy recommendations for governments and other institutions can be developed from these. PANDA stands for open science and rational debate, for replacing flawed science with good science and for retrieving liberty and prosperity from the clutches of a dystopian “new normal”

7. British Medical Journal publish data of how deadly 2020 was. It's laughable. The graphs show you all you need to know.

8. Statement by Ms Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, at the forty-third meeting of the International Monetary and Financial Committee:

"The current pandemic provides a prime opportunity to build a more resilient future and make the changes towards what we want to see, namely a greener, more digital and more inclusive global economy. We welcome the plans to further integrate climate change-related issues into IMF surveillance. At the ECB, in the area of banking supervision, we published a guide on climate-related and environmental risks in November 2020 to explain how we expect banks to prudently manage and transparently disclose these risks under current prudential rules. We have asked banks to conduct self-assessments in the light of the guide and to draw up action plans on that basis. Then, next year, we will conduct a full supervisory review of banks' practices. As part of our ongoing monetary policy strategy review, we will examine the risks posed by climate change and how they feed into the monetary policy framework. In a similar vein, the international community has to continue to work together to enhance cross-border payment systems to make them faster, cheaper and more inclusive, and to address the opportunities and challenges of the digitalisation of finance. At the ECB, discussions are ongoing on whether to issue a digital euro to make our currency fit for the digital age, as a complement to, not a replacement for, cash."

9. Open letter written by Dr. Charles Hoffe in Canada regarding the vaccine, side affects and its risks to pregnant women.

10. The "Super League" debate going on in football is a literal metaphor for the Great Reset. We have the central banks, mega multinational corporations who attend Davos, billionaires, philanthropic organisations and global governing bodies working hand in hand to remove themselves from accountability and any competition and implement total control. We'll be dependent on their services. Would be cool to get our priorities in order.

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