DARPA seeks ‘top chef’ for 3D printed food

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is inviting innovators to submit ideas for turning cellular biomass created through its ReSource program into safe, visually appealing, edible and palatable food that can support the military and civilians when traditional food is unavailable. (OH? What do they know is coming?) DARPA’s ReSource program aims to engineer systems that use local feedstock and mixed waste to rapidly produce a wide range of on-demand products aiming to turn edible biomass into palatable food rations at scale under austere conditions (disaster relief, backup food supply etc)

They claim that besides delivering sufficient calories, vitamins and nutrition for those in inaccessible locations, the program aims to reduce the military infrastructure’s carbon footprint, maximize on-site resources and develop ways to generate materials in the field.

THIS IS ALL ABOUT TECHNOCRACY HIDING BEHIND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Source: https://gcn.com/articles/2021/11/24/darpa-3d-printed-food.aspx