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David Bowie and “Omikron” – 1999 Windows PC Game by Eidos Interactive.

Yet more predictive programming it seems. The dialogue is really interesting.,%20Dead%20Babies%20in%20VAERS,%20BMJ%20Questions%20Jab%20Coercion,%20More%20Gates%20Claptrap,%20Omikron%20and%20David%20Bowie

Selection of the transcript:

Wake up people of omicron! Reshef and his corrupt government are allowing you to sleep in order to control you better. They have transformed you into puppets that are manipulated by X and the demons. Join the awakened ones and rise up to fight for your freedom! Together we can win!

The souls here are grey and withered. You can’t get much power from them. The juiciest souls are in your dimension. Asteroth created the video game called Omikron in order to capture them. The game you’re playing at this very moment. He uses Omikron to attract souls. He asks players to put their spirit into a body in order. To enter our dimension. As soon as the soul has come here, it only takes the demon to catch it and take it to Astaroth who condemns it for all eternity which very nearly happened to you.

I must go now the binary tides are turning. May vigramukha guide your steps. All the inhabitants of omicron are now awakened. The trusts have been destroyed. The last skirmishes are ending in the streets. We have had an extraordinary victory which our descendants will recount from generation to generation – and we owe this victory to you, Nomad Soul. You helped us win back our freedom. For us all, you are now a legendary hero

like Kusher Lane before you.

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