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Digital ID May Soon Be Required for Social Media in France and the UK

Both France and the United Kingdom have recently moved closer toward banning anonymous social media accounts in their countries.

The website of the French Senate published a new bill proposing the creation of an independent supervisory authority in charge of collecting user identities when they register with online platforms.

Supporters say the measures would help fight crime and cyber-bullying, while critics argue it would reduce civil liberties and freedom.

Proponents of early treatment for COVID and other people who have publicly diverged from establishment views on the pandemic have faced an unprecedented level of censorship from social media companies in recent months. These have included, for example, the deletion or suspension of Facebook groups with tens of thousands of followers, the deletion of YouTube videos, including those that recorded testimony in the US House of Representatives on early treatment of COVID with ivermectin, and the deletion of Tweets of people who publicly disagreed with India's official COVID policy.

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