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Dr Adil needs funding

Who: - Dr Mohammad Adil is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in the UK and has been working in the NHS for 30 years. He has an exemplary track record in helping his patients and also teaching and training undergraduate and postgraduate medical students.

What he stands for: –Dr Adil has been making a stand for freedom of speech for all doctors and nurses to speak their truth without fear of recrimination or persecution.

What happened: - Dr Adil’s licence to practice medicine was suspended after he expressed his point of view on the Covid-19 pandemic and the far-reaching effects of the lockdown on the economy, public health and wellbeing. His videos on social media have been appreciated by many thousands of people across the world in helping to reduce the stress and fear created by the mainstream media.

So far, he has been unable to adequately defend himself and now finds himself unable to earn a living in order to look after his family or to fund a legal team to achieve justice.

Dr Adil has a wife and three dependent, teenage children, one of whom is at university. His 15 year old daughter is autistic.

What we are trying to achieve: We wish to support Dr Adil's efforts to reinstate his licence to practice medicine so he can return to the front lines in the NHS where he is needed

His crowdfund link is here.

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