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Dr Claus Köhnlein: "There is no pandemic, just a PCR pandemic."

Listen and make your own mind up.

I would also like to include a BMJ article which illustrates just how complex the science around viruses is, and how stupid it is to place all faith in one group of "experts." Once again, let's say it one more time - science is NOT doctrine. This is the pitfall of centralised healthcare systems, including the WHO.

There are two general groups of doctors, researchers and experts in regards to this "pandemic" we're aware of:

We have the big pharma funded government experts who advocate total lockdowns which have never used before 2020, promote vaccinating the entire world with a brand new therapy with no long term testing and ignore all the current antivirals that work.

We then have a second group of other experts calling for a more balanced response which includes shielding the elderly and achieving herd immunity within the population. A fairly sensible approach. I've not understood how creating crippling poverty, debt, despair, rushed vaccines, vaccine passports, ineffective mask mandates and green technology is the best way to combat a run-of-the-mill coronavirus outbreak. I guess that's why we have government experts that can justify insanity.

However, there is also a THIRD group of highly-qualified, real experts (not conspiracy theorists as so many people blindly parrot) who have been questioning the hijacking of viruses for monetary gain for decades. This includes the creator of the PCR test, Kary Mullis.

Read the response to this BMJ article:

"Dear Editor!

In my RR post from Sept 24, the article should at least have mentioned or even discussed that experts are divided into THREE camps of action.

That this "third group" also consists of absolutely top-class experts is shown by the example of Prof. René Gottschalk, MD, Head of the Frankfurt Health Office, who sharply criticizes the German government, as the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung reported yesterday. According to Gottschal there is no excess mortality in Germany, neither in the total population nor in the group of high-risk patients (residents of nursing homes). And despite a clear increase of reported cases, there are fewer serious diseases with fewer hospital admissions.

As Gottschalk laments, the political measures are characterized by a lack of expertise and a massive endangerment of social and economic structures. Therefore, a broad public discussion about the goals and means of combating the pandemic is urgently needed. This discussion must go beyond purely virological issues to include ethical aspects and legal questions about the legitimate purpose, suitability, necessity and appropriateness of the measures.

Gottschalk's sharp criticism actually confirms what German physician Claus Köhlein, MD, and I outlined two days before, on Sept 29, in our in-depth analysis "COVID-19 (excess) mortality data show unequivocally: viral cause impossible—drugs with key role in about 200,000 extra deaths in Europe and the US alone" (Real News Australia 2020 Oct 1).

Who thinks that Gottschalk or we are factually wrong at any point, please let us know!

Competing interests: Competing interests: I am author of “Virus Mania” (“Virus Wahn”), co-authord by Claus Köhnlein, MD, in which we outline that there is no solid proof that viruses (alone) are the primary cause of various diseases such as COVID-19, SARS, bird flu, swine flu, hepatitis C, etc. Instead, several causes must be considered."

We're trusting one group, who are probably the most untrustworthy. I refer you to my Swine Flu blog where the WHO and Pharmaceutical Companies deliberately created a media pandemic to sell new treatments.

It is important that you remember science doesn't work how it's being portrayed to work at the moment: as unquestionable, religious, political doctrine. No matter how severe a crisis is, it is never important enough to enable the elimination of your inalienable liberties as a free person, in a supposedly free country. Our government have no intention of letting this power grab go - the "multiple strain outbreaks" are the evidence of this. We will live with restrictions forever and doom the future generations to a complete medical-industrial-complex-authoritarianism if we do not push back now. Like I said before, YOU are now ill until proven healthy.

Our lives are now completely dependent on when the government deems the entire world is safe from a coronavirus. This is such a tremendously stupid objective, to even think it can be done, let alone should be done!

We are sacrificing our entire lives to prevent death - I ask you, what's the point?



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