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Dr Geert Vanden Bossche: "This vaccine will make the virus more infectious."

"Geert Vanden Bossche received his DVM from the University of Ghent, Belgium, and his PhD degree in Virology from the University of Hohenheim, Germany. He held adjunct faculty appointments at universities in Belgium and Germany. After his career in Academia, Geert joined several vaccine companies (GSK Biologicals, Novartis Vaccines, Solvay Biologicals) to serve various roles in vaccine R&D as well as in late vaccine development. Geert then moved on to join the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s GH Discovery team as SPO and later on to work with GAVI as Senior Ebola Program Manager; he subsequently joined the German Center for Infection Research as Head of the Vaccine Development Office. Geert is now primarily serving as a Biotech/ Vaccine consultant while also conducting his own research on NK cell-based vaccines. His work is driven by a relentless passion to translate scientific breakthrough findings into competitive vaccine products. As a creative thinker, innovator, entrepreneur and visionary, Geert has been invited to speak at multiple international congresses."

He has a unique opinion where our actions (especially this new "vaccine") are making the virus worse and more infectious. This is probably the most important interview I've listened to.

You would think the BBC or Sky News would want to interview someone with his credentials, experience and position within the vaccine industry voicing such serious concerns? Nah! There's no time for real science in this "pandemic."

This "pandemic" is political and nothing to do with health - *cough* The Great Reset *cough*

Once again, no matter what our media, governments and pharmaceutical companies say - science is NOT doctrine. I choose to listen to people who put their careers on the line instead of institutions that have always lied, and always will; governments, media and pharmaceutical companies.

Anyway, bookmark this interview, it will not be around for long.

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