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Dr Malone: 2 hour interview

I believe this is an interview well worth listening too, from every side of the situation. Dr Malone is very balanced and does not shy away from the hard questions.

Key takeaways:

- Clear corruption

- Clear mainstream media corruption led by the BBC

- Governments and corporations work together

- Risks are not being openly talked

- Science is actively being suppressed

- Truth needs the ability for criticism

- Every vaccine should be free choice

- Full consent is needed

- Prophylactics are being suppressed

- The data needs to be carefully examined

- The people on the anti-vaxx side may be too scared

I do not agree with everything Robert says, for example I do not believe these vaccines are needed. He suggests the very vulnerable may benefit.

You will not find a more open, and hard hitting interview. Ryan asks really hard scientific questions that we are all interested in, including spike protein shedding and infertility as well as the lipoproteins. Listen for yourself!

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