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Dr Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccine technology is locked out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn have locked Dr Malone out of his account for spreading "misinformation."

Do you see how retarded that is? This guy is the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology - he is the expert! LinkedIn are pretending they know better than THE inventor of the technology.

This is absolutely incredible. Big tech are hiding the real experts from the public.

One more time, Dr Malone CREATED THE TECHNOLOGY WE'RE ALL INJECTING INTO US and because he is trying to warn people against it, he's deemed "misinformation"

If you agree with LinkedIn's actions I fear you're too far gone. There's no hope for you.

Why have the BBC not contacted him? Why isn't Chris Whitty debating him? If these people are wrong, we don't need paid big pharma fact checkers with communication degrees blocking them, we need them debating the Fauci's and Whitty's of the world to be torn apart.

However, I know these debates will never happen. These are the real experts in the relevant fields that actually analyse the data. The people on the TV are paid political puppets now.

Let's have Dr Robert Malone debate the Sage Professor John Edmunds.

One created the technology and is the expert, the other is a paid government advisor who wants all of the children jabbed. Oh, I wonder who would win?!

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