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Dr Malone (mRNA vaccine inventor) interview with Dr McMillan

Key points

- He goes into the history of the new technology

- He confirms it is literally gene therapy

- He confirms people taking the vaccine are in an experiment

- Science requires arguments (there is no "the science")

- He says the censorship is preventing true science being discussed

- Decision of vaccine response was political as is suppression of repurposed drugs

- Autoimmune diseases take much longer to appear which is why long term testing is needed

- He cannot officially comment on whether the current vaccine roll out should be stopped (I think we can assume he does)

- He says full consent is needed and the people need to be made aware of all the dangers

- Vaccines should always be free choice - never coerced!

My disagreements

He does believe these gene therapy vaccines are proven to be effective, but I would disagree, I'm more interested in the PCR testing cycles before and after the vaccine roll out. To me, it is purely a show. These vaccines are not/ were not needed and the data doesn't support their effectiveness (in my opinion.) They do not prevent transmission or infection. The results were based on PCR tests after vaccine doses/ placebos were given in the first and second stage trials. Nothing has been proven as far as I'm concerned as PCR testing is ineffective and inaccurate.

He also goes on to say people dying as a result of receiving vaccines is normal. Yes. This is with fully tested vaccines against diseases which actually required a vaccine. This is the point of my argument, there was no need for these vaccines as the virus was not as deadly as feared. To put this gene therapy into children and healthy people (of all ages) is only giving them a higher likeliness of death and adverse reactions than effects of catching the virus itself. Statistically, there is no argument against this. There are antivirals which have a much better success rate, that are completely safe and long term tested.

Anyway, listen for yourself and make up your own mind.

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