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Dr Renee Hoenderkamp says children should NOT be vaccinated

Dr Renée is an accomplished practising GP. She is the resident GP for BBC Radio London, a media writer, resident GP for OK! Magazine and Express Newspapers. She is also a blogger for GP magazine - Pulse. Alongside this she has also set up the successful Non Surgical Clinic.

This is a very interesting discussion between James Delingpole and Dr Renee Hoenderkamp.

I would disagree with her on 60% of what she says. I have gone through the data myself, and listened to many, many experts that do not have jobs to worry about who are free to be completely honest. I don't think she even realises the control groups of the 1st and 2nd clinical trials have been vaccinated, but I could be wrong. This obviously means there is no data!

Regardless, the fact is, she is braver than most by standing up and saying children should not be part of a clinical trial.

For me, not including children in a rushed, unproven, gene therapy with no long term data, against a virus that does not threaten them at all, was just common sense, and not a particularly brave opinion. However, it's 2021 baby! And stupidity knows no bounds!

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