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Dr Roger Hodkinson: When it comes to injecting children, I call that state-sanctioned child abuse

Another powerful interview from Dr Hodkinson.


- 'This is not just another news story. This is the biggest story of our times. It’s a tragedy that journalists at large are not following your example.’

- There is a group of Doctors beginning to take legal action.

- In an appeal directed to politicians, Hodkinson says the evidence of harm ‘is so overwhelming that now is the time for a leader to put his or her standard in the ground and say, “I was wrong. I was led astray by my advisers, who had given me terrible information to act upon”. If you take that brave step, many people will forgive you for honesty, and your star can actually rise for the next election.’

- ‘This is of course an experimental vaccine. It should never have been released. It was never an emergency which predicated the development of the vaccine. And as with all vaccines, there are complications, which were predictable, with time. But there was never enough time given for the clinical trial, which only lasted 4-6 months.'

Watch the whole interview:

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