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Dr Sam Bailey explains why the PCR tests are a farce

Dr Sam Bailey is just incredible.

She goes through the studies our governments are basing all this on, proving how fraudulent it is.

I have one challenge for you: Prove her wrong.

I'm a complete nobody who works in a pizza shop with no medical experience, but even I was able to prove the PCR tests were completely unreliable last year. How? Because I read the studies as well. It is not difficult, read my previous blogs. Stop trusting "the science" and try reading some science.

If you don't believe her, I hope you have a good reason, but ask yourself why are these fully trained experts being suppressed and ignored by the mainstream media, governments and medical world? If they are wrong, why are they? Why are your experts correct? Why will they not debate? I'm pretty sure even I could debate the corrupt Patrick Vallance on the validity of the PCR tests and get a win.

Come on people - ask some questions, act like a real scientist. Be sceptical, read some studies, analyse their validity, take some responsibility for the direction we're going. Science is not doctrine.


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