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Dr Sam Bailey vs Fact Checkers

When government and corporate paid fact checkers take on an expert who goes against the narrative, you know you're in for something special. Like Dr Sam Bailey says, who checks the fact checkers?

If you subscribe to her on YouTube, she links all the studies she references - in EVERY video. Chris Whitty, Matt Hancock, Patrick Vallance and Boris do not do that.


1. AFP “fact check” article:

2. John Mackay:

3. John Mackay Environmental Science & Research:

4. DNature Funding:

5. Professor Thomas Lumley:

6. David Murdoch:

7. Australian Government Department of Health COVID-19 Testing in Australia - information for health professionals:

8. RealStar PCR Kit disclaimer:

9. YouTube video Antibody Test Kit Disclaimer:

10. New Zealand MOH COVID-19 Test results and their accuracy:

11. Laboratory (In Vitro) Study Results COVID-19 PCR: - removed from website.

12. New Zealand Ministry of Health: Uncertainty in COVID-19 testing, and what we know about infection and immunity.

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