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Dr Sam Bailey will not be getting this particular "vaccine"

Quite honestly, I worry Dr Sam Bailey is going to be taken out.

The global corporate media are being paid to promote NZ and Australia's authoritarianism as a new way to combat virus outbreaks. Here in the UK we had a preparedness plan ( UK Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy 2011) for virus outbreaks which protected our freedoms. However, in 2020 this has been decided without parliament or the people's input not to be good enough anymore. Apparently the experts in 2011 just aren't good enough for 2020. Instead we will now rely on untested vaccines, unproven lockdowns, fraudulent screening tests, non-isolated viruses and government propaganda to protect us from viruses in the future!

This is being done, purely to convince the West that governments should have all the power and individual rights should be severely curtailed, in the pretence of protecting public health. That way, they can implement the Great Reset. This is my view, not Dr Sam Bailey's. Dr Sam Bailey in this video just tears into the PCR tests again and explains why she will not be receiving the "vaccine."


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