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Dr. Sam White Has Won His High Court Appeal Against the General Medical Council

Dr. Sam White was suspended by the National Health Service (“NHS”) in June 2021 for raising concerns about the safety of the Covid injection and informed consent. He is very concerned about the “vaccination” of children. “One child’s vaccine injury or death is one too many,” Dr White’s Crowd Justice page states.

In mid-September, Dr. White filed an appeal in the High Court against a Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service’s determination and the conditions placed on his practice that Dr. White should not be able to post on social media about the Covid pandemic and all “associated aspects” and that he should remove all posts.

Dr. White’s legal team are Philip Hyland, PHJ Law Solicitors, and Francis Hoar, a barrister who specialises in election/public, commercial and employment law. The latest update on Dr. White’s Crowd Justice page states “Judgment in the High Court appeal against the IOT [interim order] determination is awaited. The appeal was heard on 4 November 2021.”

On Friday the waiting was over.

Dr Sam White won his appeal in the High Court and all restrictions on his social media output are now lifted. Any press enquiries to Thanks to @Francis_Hoar — PJH Law (@pjhlaw) December 3, 2021


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