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Dr Sam White's solicitor writes letter to Public Health England

Philip Hyland writes on Page 21-22: How can the National Health Service be endorsing the government policy of vaccine passports when that policy:

1. Makes those who wish to rely on their own immune system second class citizens.

2. That policy gives privileges to citizens who take a medical intervention, vaccination. By endorsing the vaccine passport policy the National Health Service is not only endorsing a breach of international law which makes sacrosanct an individual's right to decline any medical intervention without any repercussion but also breaches the UK law on informed consent. Since when did the National Health Service morph into the National Pharmaceutical Distribution Service?

The writer of this letter has a backlog of whistle blowers to advise with examples of pressure being placed on employees within care and NHS settings during the covid pandemic, including exaggeration of covid bed occupancy and hospitalisation, such pressure is unethical and contrary to the standards the public expect in public health settings.

Read the file below:

Download PDF • 283KB

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