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Dr Tess Lawrie updates her letter to MHRA

Dr Lawrie’s Response Summary:

  • The MHRA has a responsibility to report the safety of vaccines through a transparent process, which summarises safety data for the public. The agency should rapidly detect new side-effects to the vaccines, and take any necessary action to minimise risk to the individual through adding warnings, restricting or suspending use of a product.

  • Dr Lawrie and her team would like to see the UK’s Yellow Card Reporting System be fully transparent through providing age- and gender-stratified safety information, and data reporting deaths or reactions occurring within specific timeframes. Without this data, the public cannot give fully informed consent to taking the Covid-19 vaccines if they are not fully aware of the risks.

  • Death reports per dose of Covid-19 vaccines are approx. 29 times higher than for influenza vaccines.

  • The Covid-19 vaccines may be responsible for the Covid-labelled mortality this past winter (at least 24,000 deaths) in England. The vaccines are ineffective at reducing mortality.

  • Dr Lawrie urges the MHRA to suspend the Covid vaccine rollout in all children and adults and halt all booster vaccines, including suspending further trials in the UK.

  • Dr Lawrie is requesting alternative treatments to be used instead of vaccines such as Ivermectin, whilst also calling for a complete overhaul of the Yellow Card System.

Full letter below:

Download PDF • 2.27MB

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