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ESG - Environmental Social Governance Explained

Here's a Government Report on Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) Social Credit Scoring and its impact on Finance, Corporations and GDP. ESG oversees nearly $40 Trillion of Assets. That's Europe + North America in equivalent GDP.

It works just like the Social Credit will work for individuals:

1. Manufacturer = Higher Interest Loan-to-loan denial (low score on "Environment")

2. Entertainment = Lower-to-zero Interest Loan for leading LGBT characters, e.g. making Superman fight climate change and gay (high score on "Social")

The Bank of International Settlements (Global Central Bank), and Blackrock, Vanguard, Fidelity, Statestreet - they make the policy of the world - not in competition to WEF/UN but in lockstep with - and this is how they have decided to enforce that Global Governance policy.

Download PDF • 2.08MB

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