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European Youth Deaths Rise Sharply - And Nobody Dare Ask Why

There was no pandemic for European citizens younger than 45 in 2020.

The mortality data from the very reputable and reliable Euromomo, the European mortality monitoring site, is unequivocal:

There is no variation from the prior years for mortality for young people.

The same is not true for older Europeans - although mortality compared to prior virus season/winters is not as high as you would expect:

As I have written before, it is far from certain this excess mortality is only due to covid.

To quote the most haunting covid piece of writing:

It wouldn’t take much to push a population of such elderly and frail people into a life-threatening situation. Lock them up for months on end. Deny them human contact on pain of arrest and fines they couldn’t hope to pay. Withdraw medical treatment. Quarantine their carers. Terrorise them with propaganda about a civilisation-ending disease. Order them to stay at home and avoid the contact of other people like the plague. Tell them hospitals standing empty are on the verge of being overwhelmed. Turn medical centres into places to fear, the breeding grounds of a deadly new disease. That should be more than enough. It has been more than enough.

To preserve the elderly, the world has used the young - who suffered no pandemic - as a shield.

The young have lost their jobs, their childhoods, their right to breathe air freely, their right to say no to experimental medicine they do not need.

And now they appear to be dying for the elderly too:

Please can somebody explain why deaths are rising so steeply in European youth?

They did not suffer from historically excess death in the middle of the pandemic.

Why are they dying now?

And it is not only them - US young people are suffering the same fate:

What changed?

Are these deaths of despair? Myocarditis?

More importantly, why does nobody care?

Do only the elderly rich count?


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