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Evidence for a Legal Case against Those Who Spread Misinformation and Enforce Vaccine Mandates

Dr. Ron Brown – Opinion Editorial

October 13, 2021

In a previous editorial, I posed the question: Should We Criminalize Public Health Authorities, Politicians, & Employers Who Spread Misinformation about Vaccine Mandates? The editorial touched a nerve, and positive feedback was immediate from people looking for a way to resist the COVID-19 vaccine mandates. In the present editorial, I provide evidence for a legal case against those who spread misinformation and enforce COVID-19 vaccine mandates that mislead and harm employees and the public. The evidence will show that the approximate 95% vaccine efficacy claimed for the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines is misleading and does not reveal the whole truth about vaccine efficacy. Furthermore, based on false statements of vaccine efficacy, the evidence shows that claims of vaccine effectiveness in preventing severe infections, hospitalizations, and deaths are also false, as are claims that unvaccinated people present a threat to others and that unvaccinated people are filling the hospitals because they lack vacci...


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