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Evidence that SAGE plan future lockdowns

SAGE meeting on the 5th May confirms this is not going to end anytime soon. Also, they have "modelled" the future which means they have created the narrative they want. Modelling is a fraud, Neil Ferguson's record proves this point, no debate. If you disagree, well you're a fool.

"22. In most scenarios modelled, any peak in numbers of hospitalisations and deaths is smaller than any previous wave seen in England. The peaks are also smaller than modelled ahead of step 2 because new evidence suggests that vaccination may have a greater impact on transmission than previously assumed, including by reducing the extent to which vaccinated people who become infected then infect others. There has also been continued high uptake of vaccination which has contributed to the improved situation.

23. The resurgence will be smaller if baseline measures and sustained changes in behaviour which reduce transmission are maintained beyond the end of the roadmap (high confidence). The speed of vaccine rollout is also a key factor in the size of the resurgence (high confidence). The 2 biggest risks (absent new variants) are that either high contact patterns emerge early, or there is low vaccine rollout amongst younger adults. The combination of these 2 would lead to a larger resurgence.

24. If baseline policies to reduce transmission are kept in place at the end of the roadmap, behaviour does not return to pre-pandemic levels, and vaccine rollout is not substantially slowed, there is an opportunity to keep the resurgence small. Modelling of a gradual easing after step 4 shows a smaller resurgence than a faster one, as it allows more people to have been vaccinated before R increases. If there were to be a return to pre-pandemic behaviours, delaying this until as many people as possible had been vaccinated would be highly beneficial."

Isn't it amazing they keep predicting the future as worst case scenarios. Yet, when the future arrives, there is no worst case scenario to be found. Modelling is a farce, a fraud, it isn't real science. It's a joke.

So, the next "wave" will be blamed on the youth and they need to be vaccinated.

Welcome to the new normal, this will slowly transcend into the Climate Change Lockdowns.

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