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The first graph below is from the Government's figures. There's a blurb about how the deaths are adjusted. But, if you believe we had to shutdown the world for this nonsense and destroy the economy funding the NHS, you're insane.

Another graph is taken from the ONS site which clearly shows the Winter Excess Average has A LOT of variance. The media seem to focus on a 5 year average which exaggerates current numbers.

Current covid-19 deaths released show the following:

A lot was made about this spike in April. Some "experts" will say this was due to covid-19. However, we know the virus was present in the country since October 2019. It is much more likely this spike was caused more by the Government policies such as - use of ventilators, throwing all the elderly into care-homes untested and pausing normal operations and treatment. If this virus was as deadly as the hype suggests, there would be gradual increases of respiratory diseases going straight up since October 2019. After all, it's incredibly contagious apparently.

Finally, here's a little analysis by the Centre of Evidence Based Medicine, Oxford:

Now, let's remember, everyone who's been denied hospital treatments this year are now going in, all of which have to have a covid-19 test upon entry. As the PCR tests are absolute trash for screening and knock out more false positives than we could imagine, everyone who's had the virus already or even the flu could be testing positive, but dying of something else completely. However, they will still be recorded as a covid-19 death, because they tested positive and died with in 28 days of that result.


I hope these graphs can put this into proportion for you.

This can be a very nasty virus. It has killed people. But, not as many they're saying. Barely any more than a normal flu virus.

Governments cannot contain or suppress viruses. It's impossible. It's literally delusional to believe this. You have most definitely caught it whilst shopping, but you probably didn't even feel it. As with any virus, some people will catch it and have a rough time, but if all you need to do is isolate for two weeks, you don't need to shut down economies. Let's use our brains here. It is clearly not this deadly if the main treatment is - stay at home and rest.

The average age of covid-19 deaths is 82, just like the average age for flu deaths (which mysteriously disappeared this year.)

Stop watching the TV. Stop consuming the propaganda. Breathe, relax and remember - acting when in fear will just make the solutions even worse.



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