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Facebook disaster and the Insulate Britain movements are false flags

I cannot prove this, this is only speculation.

However, both situations are resulting in new legalisation being created.

The people know resistance and protest is growing against the vaccine passports and the 'Great Reset' agenda. The Government are looking for new ways to give the police more power - in comes 'Insulate Britain.' They have successfully infuriated Britain and caused people to demand the Government do something.

And what do you know, Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg told Talk Radio’s Julia Hartley-Brewer this morning, that climate protestors Insulate Britain are:

frightful humbugs!...Thinking that it is worth risking people’s lives, because you haven’t even insulated your own home, that’s the other problem. They are frightful humbugs….Well there’s one fellow…this chap let out all his properties and hadn’t even insulated them!

I think they’re just awful and taking this risk with people’s lives is so irresponsible and I’m glad to tell you that the government is taking extra powers so that they can be removed.

Yes, the government is taking “extra powers.” It looks to me like problem, reaction, solution. The extra powers are not about dealing with a bunch of deluded climate-mania sufferers.

They want the power to crush rebellions when folks wake up to the Great Reset agenda, of which the climate hoax is a major cornerstone.

The same can be said with Facebook, some whistle-blower came out of nowhere demanding change is needed to protect democracy and children, or something or rather. I don't really care, I've stopped listening. But, this always happens - something big happens, then a change of the law is demanded. What people do not realise is that these new laws will end up hurting them.

The Facebook outage also plays into the Cyber Polygon scenario that we went over earlier in the year. The World Economic Forum miraculously predicted internet disruptions and cyber warfare.

It's all so convenient.


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