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Forced Vaccinations - Legal. Apparently.

Read the whole 8 pages.

In summary, the Government can legally enforce vaccination, unless you're willing to Lockdown. Indefinitely one has to assume.

"If Lockdowns are legal, so is forced vaccination."

This is not how a free country operates, regardless of your position on this rushed, experimental vaccine.

"It is arguable that if ‘lockdown’ restrictions are compatible with human rights law, so too is compulsory vaccination. Current public health law rules out medical treatment, including vaccination, but permits extensive restrictions on personal activity, such as free movement and association. The law privileges the interest in bodily integrity over other liberties. The lockdown parity argument asks for a justification for treating bodily integrity as distinctively important relative to these other interests."

Fantastic stuff. But, you can count me out.

If the Government choose to adopt the "enforce by stealth" policy we need a whole array of law suits, and if that fails, serious drive towards secession. I, along with many others will not participate in this authoritarianism "new normal."

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